Tuesday, January 13, 2009

VA - Female Tribute to Tom Waits

Rock / Bluez
CD 1
1 Blow Wind Blow-Astrid Seriese
2 Diamonds And Gold-The Silver Hearts
3 November-Liz Durrett
4 Temptation-Clara Bakker
5 Anywhere I Lay My Head-Anna Ternheim
6 Jersey Girl-Holly Cole
7 Earth Died Screaming-Tracy Bonham
8 Strange Weather-Marianne Faithfull
9 The Heart Of Saturday Night-Diana Krall
10 Day After Tomorrow-Joan Baez
11 Another Man's Vine-Mélanie Rivaud & Strange Weather
12 Green Grass-Cibelle]
13 Big In Japan-Aileen Loy & Blue Valentines
14 Long Way Home-Norah Jones
15 Poncho's Lament-The Blacks
16 Ol' '55-Lisa Bassenge Trio
17 29 Dollari (e una borsetta di coccodrillo)-Laura Fedele
18 I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You-Priscilla Herdman
19 uby's Arms-Megan Mullally
20 Sea Of Love-Cat Power
CD 2
1 Temptation-Diana Krall]
2 Tom Traubert's Blues-Maria João & Mário Laginha
3 Yesterday Is Here-Cat Power
4 Diamonds And Gold-Aileen Loy & Blue Valentines
5 Come On Up To The House-Nicole Owilde
6 Downtown Train-Patty Smyth
7 It's Over-Vamosbabe & Pascal Fricke
8 Underground-Astrid Seriese
9 Christmas Card From a Hooker In Minneapolis-Neko Case
10 I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You-Olivia Gale
11 Ol' 55-Sarah McLachlan
12 Tango Till They're Sore-Holly Cole
13 Day After Tomorrow-Linda Thompson
14 Jockey Full Of Bourbon-Meret Becker & Ars Vitalis
15 Please Call Me, Baby-Sally Norvell
16 Broken Bicycles-Christine Collister
17 Muriel-Eleni Mandell
18 Chocolate Jesus-Janelle Lauer
19 Fumblin' With The Blues-Claudia Bettinaglio
20 Anywhere I Lay My Head-Sista Spooky
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CD 1
1 Dirt In The Ground-Christine Collister
2 Ruby's Arms-Frente!
3 Yesterday Is Here-Mantel Band
4 The Fall Of Troy-Mélanie Rivaud & Strange Weather
5 San Diego Serenade-Nanci Griffith
6 Heart Of Saturday Night-Shawn Colvin
7 Green Grass-Agathe & Fine
8 I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You-isa Bassenge Trio
9 Please Call Me, Baby-Sally Norvell
10 Time-Tori Amos
11 No One Knows I'm Gone-Keika
12 On The Nickel-Carla Bozulich
13 Innocent When You Dream-Lana Lane
14 Down Down Down-Astrid Seriese & Peter Meuris
15 Bronx Lullaby-Vamosbabe & Pascal Fricke
16 Heartattack And Vine-Lydia Lunch
17 Downtown Train-Mary Chapin Carpente
18 Chocolate Jesus-Mindstuckinpark
19 Alice-Jane Birkin
20 Broken Bicycles-Mathilde Santing
21 Looking For The Heart Of Saturday Night-Madeleine Peyroux

CD 2
1 Wrong Side Of The Road-Claudia Bettinaglio
2 Broken Bicycles-Laura Zakian
3 Falling Down-Margie Chadburn
4 Fumblin' With The Blues-Leadcat
5 Yesterday Is Here-Astrid Seriese
6 Blind Love-Sarah Borges And The Broken Singles
7 Anywhere I Lay My Head-Scarlett Johansson
8 Grapefruit Moon-Nanci Griffith
9 Jesus Gonna Be Her-Sista Spooky & Pascal Fricke
10 Take Me Home-Holly Cole
11 Crescere Non Mi Va (I Don't Wanna Grow Up)-Etta Scolla
12 Hang Down Your Head-Lucinda Williams
13 - Fawn-Cida Moreira
14 Innocent When You Dream-Julie Doiron
15 Rainbow Sleeves-Jane
16 Little Boy Blue-Nastassja Kinski
17 I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You-10.000 Maniacs
18 Come On Up To The House-Sarah Jarosz
19 New Coat Of Paint-Carol Grimes
20 The Piano Has Been Drinking-Poopy Happy Fun Land
21 Old Boyfriends-Claire Martin
22 Foreign Affairs-Eleni Mandell
23 Chocolate Jesus-he Heart Ons
24 The Long Way Home-Isabelle Andersson
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