Saturday, April 4, 2009

Skold - Skold 1996

Industrial / Alternative Rock
release date: 29·07·1996
label: RCA
bitrate: 256 Kb/s
01. Chaos
02. Remember
03. P.A.M.F.
04. Neverland
05. Void
06. Dust to Dust
07. Anything
08. Hail Mary /Disturbing Behavior OST/
09. Devil Inside
10. Shut Up


Tim Sköld
During the early 80's, bassist Tim Tim (changing his name from Tim Sköld ) and guitarist Harry Cody formed the glam metal band Kingpin in their native Skövde, Sweden.
Later Kingpin changed their name to Shotgun Messiah.
After the break-up of Shotgun Messiah, Tim went on to pursue a solo career.
Skold joined KMFDM in 1997.
Skold, on bass, joined Ohgr.
Skold's involvement with Marilyn Manson began as producer for the single "Tainted Love" 2008 he left the band.


  1. Thank you dude! Chaos is a kickass song!