Wednesday, September 8, 2010

VA-Tribute To Neil Gaiman-Where's Neil When You Need Him?

Gothic / Indie / Rock/ VA
label: Dancing Ferret Discs
release date: July 18, 2006

tribute album based on the works of fantasy writer Neil Gaiman. The album's title was taken from the song "Space Dog", by Tori Amos. Amos became a long-time friend and collaborator of Neil Gaiman after she made a reference to him in the 1991 song "Tear in Your Hand". (She had also made references to Gaiman and his work in her songs "Horses", "Hotel", "Carbon", and "Sister Named Desire".). more @'s_Neil_When_You_Need_Him%3F

01.Rasputina - "Coraline" (Coraline)
02.ThouShaltNot - "When Everyone Forgets" (American Gods)
03.Tapping the Vein - "Trader Boy" (The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish)
04.Lunascape - "Raven Star" (Stardust)
05.Deine Lakaien - "A Fish Called Prince" ("The Goldfish Pool")
06.Thea Gilmore - "Even Gods Do" (American Gods)
07.Rose Berlin featuring Curve - "Coraline" (Coraline)
08.Schandmaul - "Magda Treadgolds Märchen" (The Sandman)
09.Hungry Lucy - "We Won't Go" (The Wolves in the Walls)
10.Voltaire - "Come Sweet Death" (Death of the Endless)
11.Future Bible Heroes - "Mr. Punch" (Mr. Punch)
12.Razed in Black - "The Endless" (The Endless from The Sandman)
13.The Crüxshadows - "Wake the White Queen" (MirrorMask)
14.Ego Likeness - "You Better Leave the Stars Alone" (Stardust)
15.Azam Ali - "The Cold Black Key" (Coraline)
16.Joachim Witt - "Vandemar" (Neverwhere)
17.Tori Amos - "Sister Named Desire (New Master)" (The Sandman)

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