Saturday, February 21, 2009


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female fronted
Cabaret / Darkwave / Future Jazz / Trip-Hop
release date: 2005
bitrate: 192 Kb/s
01. Dracula
02. Mermaid
03. Monster
04. Milk and Lime
05. For You
06. Jealous
07. Mallows
08. W. b. flowers
09. Hungry
10. Dracula remix
11. W. b. remix

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  1. hi! firstly, thanks for upload this amazing album! is difficult to find people who know·em :P my computer has died and with him this pretty hidden jewels i love to heard since long ago...,is very hard to find·em! so if u could, i would love u upload the rest of their albums, it will be very nice.
    excuse me for my english, and thanks again :D
    A greeting from Spain.