Thursday, February 19, 2009

Traditional Voices - Historic Recordings of Traditional Native American Music

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Native American / Ethnic / World Music
label: Canyon
release date: 1·09·1998
bitrate: 128 Kb/s

01.Acoma Song of the Sky City
02.Taos Pueblo Horse Tail Dance
03.Zuni Buffalo Dance
04.The Prisoner's Song (Tewa)
05.Hopi Basket Dance
06.Hopi Butterfly Dance
07.Navajo (Dine) Gift Dance Song
08.Navajo (Dine) Yei-Be-Chai Chant
09.Ute Bear Dance
10.The Mescalero Trail (San Carlos Apache)
11.Apache Mountain Spirit Dance
12.Mountain By The Sea
13.Song Of The Green Rainbow (Tohono O'odham)
14.Peyote Ceremonial Song
15.Shawnee Stomp Dance
16.Four Corners (Shawnee)
17.Kiowa Round Dance
18.Kiowa Medium Fast War Dance
19.Fast Cheyenne War Dance (Southern Cheyenne)
20.Oklahoma Round Dance (Southern Cheyenne)
21.Ponca Hethushka Dance
22.maha Hethushka Dance
23.Pawnee Hand Game Song
24.We're In The World A Short Time (Arikara)
25.Bloody Knife's Warrior Song (Arikara)
26.Montana Grass Song (Dakota/Assiniboine)
27.Northern Cheyenne Sun Dance
28.Northern Arapaho Fast Wolf Dance
29.Crow Owl Dance Song
30.Lakota Love Song

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